(Hat tip to SFFBookBonanza, which is a great site anyway, for the idea.)

I have a lot of specials on free ebooks. They aren’t usually via the major ebook sites, though, which are notoriously difficult to get to price things to free–it takes too long and is liable to change back at a moment’s notice. So often what happens is I’ll link to a file, and…then what?

First, find out what file type you need:

  • Kindle or Kindle app: .mobi
  • Nook, Kobo, iPad, and pretty much everything else, including Nook apps, Kobo apps, and pretty much every other app and device (including smart phones): .epub
  • PDF files on most readers and smartphones (although this can be harder to read; I recommend learning how to use the files above).
  • If you have no idea, the easiest thing to do is read a PDF file on your computer.  But I like to use my Kindle and my Kindle app on my phone.  Your preference, though!

Download the file to your computer and then…

Or you can read the file on your desktop.

And did you know that public libraries are totally on board with loaning ebooks?  It’s true.  Go to your library’s website.  If one of your searches pulls up an ebook, you can check that out as normal–the library website will direct you toward a place where you can choose your file type.  Often, you can set up your library account so that files can be transferred directly to your device.  If you have trouble with that, you can call the library and a librarian can walk you through the process.  THEY REALLY WILL DO THAT.  I’m not joking.

I <3 libraries.