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Cover for The Clockwork AliceThe Clockwork Alice

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In Wonderland, a terrible curse had been inflicted on the inhabitants. For half the day, they are banished to the opposite side of Wonderland, where everyone is made of clockwork and forced to work until sunrise, winding the Master Chronometer that powers them all. And if they don’t? The entire world will wind down.


Alice's Adventures in Underland Book 1

Alice’s Adventures in Underland:  The Queen of Stilled Hearts

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Before Lewis Carroll wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, he was humble Charles Dodgson, mathematician at Christ Church college…and a zombie.



Alice’s Adventures in Underland:  The Knight of Shattered Dreams

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Years have passed, and gentleman zombie, Charles Dodgson, has a new story for Alice, this time about reversals and mirrors.




Chance Damnation

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One little girl. Buffalo-demons stampede out of the earth to steal one little half-blood girl, and everything changes. Aloysius’s little brother Jerome goes missing with her–two inseparable kids whose friendship is damned from the beginning–as demons replace the newly dead.



Alien Blue

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Bill Trout didn’t set out to get involved with aliens. He just wanted to run his damned brewery and heal up from being abandoned by his ex-wife. But that ain’t the way things worked out, and now he has some bodies to bury, an alien kid who’s wanted for murder—mass murder—to hide, and a planet to save. But Bill won’t go down easy.



Choose Your Doom:  Zombie Apocalypse

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You are Tobe, a teen-aged slacker living in the shadow of the Cheyenne Mountain military complex. A secret experiment goes awry…with your help, Tobe must battle the newly undead, wild animals, and the most dangerous creature of all–man.  Will your decisions help him save the city, or lead him to certain doom?


Company Justice (as Dean Kenyon)


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Mindsight won’t give you telepathy. But it triggers a wave of pure empathy that helps treat everything from domestic violence to schizophrenia. The problem is, if you take too much of it, you’ll understand someone else’s point of view…all the way to death.



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At the stroke of midnight, the lights go out, the security systems go into overdrive, and every method of communication in and out of the new Templeton building cuts off.  What’s going on inside? Nobody knows.  But private detective Frank Mallory has been hired to find out.


A Fairy’s Tale

One Dark Summer Night

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Something’s going on in the basement of the science building. Rumors are going around that the professors are performing vivisections…on nobody knows what.

And someone wants revenge…