Zombie Girl Invasion, by De Kenyon

Zombie Girl Invasion (Horror)

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When Neil shoots zombies in his imagination, they’re horrible and awful and they don’t have names. And then he meets Max, a zombie on the run from even worse zombies. Max is pretty nice, though.

The thing is, Max isn’t just a zombie…Max is a girl zombie.

(Kids’ horror – some gore!)


Beware the Easter Moon (Horror)

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A scary children’s horror story about werewolves and the monster in the basement…

Colin’s tired of his mean, bullying Grandpa stealing kids’ chocolate Easter eggs. So he hatches a plan to make his Grandpa eat one of last year’s Easter eggs. One of the regular kind. That stinks when it gets rotten.

It was a terrible plan. But it was also a great plan.

He just shouldn’t have gone outside at the farm to get the egg on the night of the full moon before Easter, when the wolves howl and the thing downstairs is ready to pull him down into the deep, dark drain hole in the basement…

(Kids’ horror – some violence & gore – werewolves)


My Mom Ate My Homework

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Aya’s mom just told her to pick up her stuff for the 1,001th time…she was almost going to pick it up for reals, but then her mom gets turned into a cleanicidal vacuum cyborg. And now Aya’s almost late for school…

(Kids’ horror – some violence – warning:  this one is truly creepy!)


The Boy Who Would Not Sleep (Fantasy)

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In the woods, Nickolas’s father tells him stories to pass the time as they cut down trees…but one story, he won’t tell. Not until Nickolas grows old enough to hear it. Finally, the time comes: the men in Nickolas’s family were always good at cutting things, but in older times, they were too good, and did monstrous things, eventually angering a local dragon.

The dragon cursed the men of their family to fall into a deep sleep that lasts from fall to spring, like a bear’s. And in their dreams, they must serve the dragon.

More than that, Nickolas’s father will not say.

Now, Nickolas is eating enough for many men…and getting sleepier with every step. The townswomen think it’s funny, but Nickolas has made up his mind: he will not sleep.

No matter what the cost.

(Kids’ fantasy  – some violence)


The Girl and the Genie (Fantasy)

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In this fairy tale, a girl finds a magic bottle with a genie inside (she can tell there’s a genie inside, because she can see it having adventures), but the genie won’t come out to give her wishes. What does she do? She goes inside…

Like a story from The Arabian Night’s Entertainment, the girl has to travel far, posing as a traveling teacher (of things like math problems and standing in line), making friends with some curious demons, and surviving a revenge that was meant for someone else before she finally gets the genie to give her at least one wish.

(Kids’ fantasy – some violence)


The Mighty Mountain of Theornin (Fantasy)

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Astra knows what she’s good at: thieving, tricking, and hitting people with rocks. Especially the mayor’s bullying son, after he makes fun of her. She also knows what she’s not good at: being a girl. Not the kind of girl that lives in the tiny mountain village of Theornin, anyway.

So logically that means making Wizard Jorphen change her into a boy.

But the mayor’s already pushing Wizard Jorphen around to do something else: stopping a mountain from growing under the village and pushing everyone out. Except the only way to stop a mountain from growing might kill Astra’s only friend.

(Kids’ fantasy – some violence)


The Secret of the Cellar (Horror)

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Elly has always wanted to have a haunted house.

The closest she can get…is making her own haunted basement! 

Her cousins are coming over, and she has a super-duper surprise for them in the spooky cellar…a surprise they will never forget!

(Kids’ horror – some violence)