The Exotics #1:  The Floating Menagerie

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Spies. Kids. Magic.

Rachael Baptiste’s mom disappeared a week ago. Nobody knows what happened.

Her second-grade classmate, Raul, breaks into Rachael’s house…and tries to steal her mom’s password.

When he is hunted down by giant talking dogs, Rachael follows him and discovers that Raul and her mom have a magical sickness that lets them turn into animals, or Exotics.

A group of evil Exotics, the Shadow Dogs, kidnap Rachael and Raul to a mysterious ship and try to force them to tell them her mother’s secrets…but Rachael’s not talking.

Instead, she’s trying to find a way to escape the ship and rescue the Exotic kids trapped on board!

(Kids 8-12 – Tense situations – no nudity, gore, or salty language)


The Exotics #2:  Xanadu House

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Rachael survived her adventures on The Floating Menagerie and went back to her normal life…except that her mom is still missing. Now she’s coming down with the Exotics virus herself and is changing into a half-human, half-animal Exotic, just like her friends. As a new Exotic, Rachael can’t control the change, so she travels to a safe place for Exotics in danger—Xanadu House. The house is owned by an aunt that Rachael never knew she had, and who will protect any Exotic, no matter which side they’re on. But is Xanadu House as safe as it seems?


The Exotics #3:  The Subterranean Sanctuary

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Returning home again after the terrible events at Xanadu House, Rachael Baptiste has learned not to trust humans…because they might be part of the Lighthouse Parents, a hostile group out to arrest and destroy the Exotics.

Her parents do nothing but argue.  Her Exotic friends pretend to be normal.  Her human friends hint that it might be better if the Exotics just disappeared.  And now the horrible Mr. Hightower wants her to spy for him…on her mom.


The final two books of the series…