An Unfortunate Review.

Eldest (Inheritance series, book 2), by Christopher Paolini. (Audiobook version.)

Although eagerly anticipating listening to the unabridged version, I was unable to make it through the first tape (of fourteen). Good lord. How many plot contrievances can you pack into the first half hour? Why, at least three blatantly obvious ones (I say “at least” because there may be more…). It’s an effort to listen to: not only does the reader, Gerard Doyle, use an annoying, artificial-sounding voice for the dragon, a major character, but the plot is contrieved and the language dull. What happened? I loved the first book, but this one seems to be textbook illustration of the phrase “sophomoric effort.”

Why not try Artemis Fowl instead? Or Septimus Heap, which wasn’t bad at all…



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  1. Dale

    By the way … did you know Eragon the movie comes out Dec 2007??


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