Book Recommendations.

The Eternity Code (Artemis Fowl, book 3), by Eoin Colfer. Listened to the audiobook read by Nathaniel Parker. I’ve read the first two book on paper; I may have to go back and listen to the audio versions. Fun YA fantasy fiction about a preadolescent criminal mastermind who comes into contact with the fairy folk…an Irish preadolescent criminal mastermind…Nathaniel Parker does a great job with the characters. The American accents are amusing, to say the least.

The Big Over Easy: A Nursery Crime, by Jasper Fforde. The author of the “Thursday Next” series sniggers off in a new direction. The back cover is a forensic sketch of a shattered Humpty Dumpty, if that gives you any idea. Not nearly as many literary references as the “Thursday Next” series (which means only about ten times as many as any other book) but lots of Mother Goose references. One of the main characters is Detective Sargeant Mary Mary; another is Detective Inspector Jack Spratt, who has remarried after the unfortunate death of his wife, who expired of a heart attack…and so on. Very silly.

…And a bunch of Agatha Christie novels, more shojo-manga than need be mentioned, two too many “My Little Pony” books, and some business/restaurant books for book reviews, skimmed through a bunch of books and took a pass on them, that kind of thing.