Month: April 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-26

  • Back to work. Not looking forward to this day at work…tossed and turned all night. #
  • Lee made some of the best ribs I've ever had tonight. "Don't worry," he says. "The next batch will be better." #
  • Working on a chapter book for Ray. "Ordinary girl must save mom, known as Queen Bee, from smugglers of magical animals and humans." #
  • I'm calling it The Floating Menagerie. There's a boat. #
  • And don't say, "No 8 year old will know that word." Pfft. Like nobody learned a vocab word from a book before… #
  • So many, many, many things to do. Sleep happened to be #1 on my list this afternoon, though. #
  • 11/26: "You're not crying, either. Nice. I couldn't stand that, if the Queen Bee's daughter were a crybaby." #
  • @elizawhat Me, too. Which explains my lack of pronunciation skillz. in reply to elizawhat #
  • Dear Adobe, what could you possibly have to update this morning…again? Stop crying wolf, bitch! #
  • Going to the PPW April Write Brain tonight – It's pitch boot camp, yo! #
  • @barryschwartze Gotta blame the GOP for Rush hour. Get him off the radio, man! in reply to barryschwartze #
  • @ianthealy You and your damned hockey! See you soon 🙂 in reply to ianthealy #
  • WTF? A three-page permission slip?!? #
  • @ianthealy Nope. Florissant fossil beds. in reply to ianthealy #
  • I am drinking hot cocoa with a giant strawberry marshmallow. Because I said so. #
  • It's a strawberry marshmallow, too, from Rancho Liborio. #
  • Boo! Rejection in the mail today. Yay! Talking to project artist tonight! #
  • Why are form rejection letters always so smug? "I just wasn't enthusiastic enough about this submission." #
  • Okay, not always. The "this wasn't for me, but thanks for thinking of me" letters are appreciated. #
  • Don't subtly insult the people who might be paying your bills – or the people who look up to you. Even if you don't like their stuff. #
  • Getting ready for #ppwc. My freakin' website on my biz cards is outdated, dammit. #
  • @DaphneUn When including pages, always be sure to send the shoes! in reply to DaphneUn #
  • @DaphneUn Seriously, the only time I've seen you smug was after Catan. I'll believe it. in reply to DaphneUn #
  • @DaphneUn – I have a friend who's interested in coming to the open Nia house, but the website shows a master class on 13th/6p. Er? #
  • @DaphneUn I'll tell her it's the right one, then. Thanks! in reply to DaphneUn #
  • @jonahofthesea Grats! in reply to jonahofthesea #
  • Sad now. @ChuckWendig When I say, "I ate Five Guys," that's not what I mean… #
  • Shoot. I can't remember where I found this. "My Milk Toof." Show to all wee ones: #
  • Pikes Peak Writer's Conference starts today. I pitch to the EIC of Del Ray. Wish me luck 🙂 #ppwc #
  • @ianthealy You too! in reply to ianthealy #
  • @ChuckWendig Thanks 🙂 in reply to ChuckWendig #
  • So, last 24 hours: Fog, sunshine, hail, and snow. Yay COS! #
  • @maleesha I'm sorry you're not there! in reply to maleesha #
  • @ianthealy Yeah. In bed at midnight, SLEEP IS OVER at 6 a.m. #ppwc in reply to ianthealy #
  • Karen Albright Lin has a cookbook that includes folklore. I think I talked her out of a chapter so I can cook it and blog. #ppwc #
  • Here's Karen Albright Lin's "Cooking in Leaves" link: #ppwc #
  • Also, the tale on the website deals with the Dragon Boat Races. EIGHT SKILLED GENTLEMEN by Barry Hughart! Swoon… #
  • NIN and Peter Gabriel on the way to #ppwc this am. A good sign. #
  • Waiting for Godot–I mean my pitch appointment. #ppwc #
  • @ianthealy You say your smatypants comments to me in person! #ppwc #
  • Twenty pages requested! #ppwc #
  • In other news I may soon be a puppy momma! #
  • We now have a 11-month mastiff-[something] puppy! Welcome to Number 10 Ox. We pick him up at five today. #
  • Just got out of #ppwc. (Sniff!) #
  • The puppy pictures are up: #
  • I napped for an hour this afternoon. I am already at the point where my body hurts from exhaustion again. #ppwc #

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Panda bears and marshmallows

Ray met her 8th-grade penpal today – who gave her a plushy panda to go with Ray’s other plushy panda.  I drank the cocoa.

22 Apr 10 004

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-19

  • Luckily, the waitress did not set herself on fire with the saganaki. Opa! #
  • @Knippling If you're looking for stuff to read, I should have the Chocolate Story done soon 🙂 in reply to Knippling #
  • @ChuckWendig Jeez, Chuck. Who knew self-publishing had turned into the equivalent of drinking the kool-aid? in reply to ChuckWendig #
  • @Knippling Chocolate Story will likely come your way first. AB will probably have to be pried out of my cold, dead hands via contract. in reply to Knippling #
  • @serafinowicz What's your favourite word? Sasquatch. #
  • I now have three short stories out at one time. And a novel. I feel all productive and stuff. #
  • @charbar74 You can tweet now? Time to hide the silver. in reply to charbar74 #
  • Wood Chick's BBQ was very good, but the suggestive mounds of pulled pork on cornbbread were too jiggly, I kept having to shake the table. #
  • Also, the counter service was like going through the Inquisition. "Here or to go? Damn your eyes…" #
  • Beautifully simple crab soup at Brutti's in Portsmouth. #
  • Anybody know how long the chapters in a chapter book are? I don't have any at hand, and nobody wants to put a whole chapter online. #
  • Looks like it's about 50 words/page for a chapter book. #
  • @dcawley These would be for kids chapter books – 4-8 year olds. 250 words a page? in reply to dcawley #
  • Dug another story out of the mulch pile and sent it off. Hey! It wasn't too bad, eh? #
  • To me, first drafts are accompanied by a mocking voice saying, "This suuuucks." With variations. But they're not that bad, really. #
  • @dcawley I throw a children's book at your head. in reply to dcawley #
  • @scalzi Correction to vinegar chips post: Kettle cooked DILL PICKLE CHIPS. They're like tasty mouth knives. in reply to scalzi #
  • Clash of the Titans (new) is the movie that Terry Pratchett was mocking with Dunmanfestin years ago. #timetravelwin #
  • Miracle, Texas is out – back to the Chocolate Story. And the mandocello! #
  • @mightymur Run! in reply to mightymur #
  • Ooh, I just went back through the Choco Story to see what else needed to be done. Not much! #
  • Choco story sent out to first readers. Should be wrapped up and sent out soon 🙂 #
  • Ray rolls her eyes and counts off a number. Rolls her eyes, counts off next number. I ask what she's doing. Counting sheep 🙂 #
  • I read Ray the first chapter of her story. One fixit, but otherwise she liked it. A very good first listener 🙂 #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-12

  • Going on a jet plane today, hoping it'll actually take off on time. #
  • Grinding my short-story writing skillz while TDY. #
  • I finally wrote the "murder god" story; chars no longer resemble the people they were inspired by. THAT story is too complex to write. #
  • Now I'm working on "Miracle, Texas," about an Old West tribe of Amazons. It doesn't go well. #
  • Although that's the basic plot of any story, isn't it? "Here's the situation; it didn't go well." #
  • On my way back from DC. Smithsonian good. Traffic bad. The Mall is an overdignified state fair. #
  • @Knippling That balloon went right over my house! in reply to Knippling #
  • Chuao's Firecracker (dark choc, chipotle, salt, pop rocks) is both funny and delicious. It's the salt that makes it, though. #
  • @Knippling I thought PPZ was good, but made me appreciate Jane Austen all the more. in reply to Knippling #
  • I have bribed the maids into letting my room stay a mess with chocolate Riesen. #
  • Bought a laptop mouse. Ahhhhh, sweet lord. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-05

  • I hate herding cats. I hate herding cats. I hate herding cats. I hate herding cats. I hate herding cats. I hate herding cats. I hate h #
  • Ray's sick. Might be strep. Doc's opens at 8:30. #
  • Then again it might not be strep. Her throat hurts, she can't talk, but her lymph nodes don't hurt, apparently, and no guck in her throat. #
  • She had trouble breathing last night. Not much sleep for either of us. #
  • Ray update: she has general crud that's irritating her airways kind of like an asthma attack. Antibiotics and a temp inhaler. #
  • @three_star_dave Ray's a lot better. Prolly be there tomorrow. #
  • I see I'm going to have to watch my grammar watching. #
  • Mystery WIP rewrites sent out; submitted short story to Weird Tales. Good writing day. #
  • Want. @doycet My easter t-shirt: "Jinkies! That creepy zombie was Old Man Jesus all along!" #

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